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Westside Massage Therapy

What is Sports massage?
Typically, sports massage is utilized to address the needs of athletes, and active people in general. Trained in Sports Massage, the Massage Therapist performs massage techniques based upon knowledge of anatomy, physiology and aspects relevant to human sports performance. Many professional and recreational teams employ the services of a qualified sports massage therapist.

One does not need to have a serious physical complaint to greatly benefit from sports massage. To the contrary, it is now more common for athletes of all ages and level of play to seek the services of a trained sports massage therapist. There are typically four types of sports massage that may be appropriate at different time frames of being physically active:

  • Pre-event
  • Post event
  • Rehabilitation
  • Maintenance

Specific sports/activities are known to habitually affect particular muscles or groups of muscles, tendons and ligaments that are used excessively. By concentrating on the specific muscle groups most used in a given sport, a massage therapist can help an athlete increase mobility or range of motion, oxygen supply via increased blood flow and reduce recovery times, thus helping to maintain higher performance.

How is Sports Massage Different?
Sports Massage differs from Relaxation Massage as the client's relaxation is not the primary objective. 

What Does the Process Involve?
As in most massage therapy you will fill out a medical history form complete with disclosure of any conditions or complications that have arisen as a result of sporting activities or other causes. Together, you and your therapist will discuss your sports activity agenda and what you wish to get out of your massage therapy. An effective treatment plan will be devised that deals effectively with your condition and fits your timeline. The frequency of your visits will vary according to your needs. Your therapist may also recommend specific exercises to be performed at home.

Sports Massage - Injury Prevention... Healing... Improving... Energizing...